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Advertising Mission & Standards

Part of the appeal of Bloomington is the commitment and enthusiasm people have for supporting local ventures — whether in the arts, philanthropy, or commerce. Just as we buy art to support local sculptors and painters, attend shows to support musicians and actors, or contribute to important causes sponsored by people in our community, we shop at stores and buy services from companies owned by our friends and neighbors. We would rather “shop local” than online or at chain stores that give little if anything back to the community.

An Online Presence for Local Businesses

In addition to being a showcase for writers, photographers, and other contributors, Limestone Post Magazine provides an affordable place where advertisers can inform readers about their businesses and organizations. To help these advertising investments pay off, we’ve created several options to fit various advertising approaches, needs, and budgets. We feature only locally owned businesses, so our readers can feel confident in clicking on local ads.

Advertising Integrity 

Advertising effectiveness is directly linked to editorial integrity, and our advertisers know that a publication’s integrity is strengthened by the clear separation between editorial and advertising content. The following guidelines help to maintain the trust of our readers and maximize the effectiveness of the advertisements on

  • Advertising content is marked “Advertisement” or “Sponsored Content”
  • Editorial content will not be submitted to advertisers for approval
  • Limestone Post will not trade editorial content for advertising space
  • Advertisers must ensure their ads do not contain inaccurate or unlawful content

Media-savvy advertisers know these standards make good business sense and ultimately benefit them. (You don’t want your competitors, for example, telling us what to include in our stories.) Limestone Post’s readers expect these measures. They are savvy consumers of media. They are informed, active, and engaged in the community. They are the heart and soul of the communities in south-central Indiana that make this a cultural oasis of the Midwest.

Ad Specs

Ads are purchased by the month, with multi-month and multi-ad discounts available. Each ad includes a link to the advertiser’s website. While advertisers provide their own artwork, we would be glad to recommend some excellent ad designers.

Limestone Post features three general types of ads: Display, Sponsored Content, and Monthly Deals. Each offers a choice of impact and price points. We will be glad to discuss your advertising goals to see which option is right for your business. Call 812-318-4097 or email for more details or to set up an appointment.

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Rectangular boxes of various sizes, containing text, images, or video. Ad space can be purchased for a specific editorial category or contributor or for rotation throughout the site. Default sizes are listed below, but all ads will be responsive on smaller devices.

Story & Category Billboards

  • Story Billboard: 970 x 250 pixels; appears at the top of each story page
  • Category Billboard: 1360 x 250 pixels; appears at the top of the landing pages for our different story categories, such as Arts, Outdoors, and Healthy Living


  • 970 x 90 pixels
  • Appears within the text on each page



  • 300 x 600 pixels
  • On every page in the sidebar
  • “Stickies” are available for an additional fee on story pages, in which a Skybox will remain, or “stick,” on the screen in the sidebar, even as the reader scrolls through a story.



  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • On every page in the sidebar


Sponsored Content

For a more thorough message, Sponsored Content gives advertisers more space and exposure to convey the information they want to communicate to readers.

Sponsored Post

Placed as a post in a listing of editorial posts, the Sponsored Post responds like an editorial story when clicked: It opens to a new page on and includes ad copy created or approved by the advertiser: text and photos, a photo gallery, or a video, much like an editorial post except the advertiser has full control over the content. Available for page- or category-specific placement or for rotation wherever a list of editorial content is posted.

This option offers readers the opportunity to learn more about a company, product, or service. Content is prepared by Limestone Post (for a fee) or by the advertiser.

Special Sections

Like a Sponsored Post, a Special Section is placed as a listing among posts of editorial content or as an ad in the sidebar. When the post is clicked, readers are taken to a page of local ads, 600 x 500 pixels each.

Special Sections will be posted every two or three months, often following a theme or season. The section will be posted on the home page until the next Special Section is posted but will remain on the Special Ad Sections page indefinitely.

Monthly Deals

Special Offers

  • 300 x 250 pixels
  • Monthly Deals page only, listed with other ads in rows and columns
  • Ads offer discounts or some sort of deal

Calling Cards

  • 300 x 167 pixels
  • Below Special Offers ads on the Monthly Deals page
  • Includes contact info and link to the company’s or professional’s website
  • Listed in rows and columns