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Freelance Contributors

Interested in contributing to Limestone Post?

We’re always looking for writers, photographers, illustrators, filmmakers, poets, fiction writers, or anyone with creative talent. It helps if you have expertise in or a passion for a particular topic. We have high editorial standards, but we feel it’s equally important for articles to reflect a contributor’s voice and personality — whether in words or images.

We’re open to queries on nearly any topic, but you might check the categories and subcategories in our navigation bar for some guidance. We also suggest reading as many of our stories as possible to see the style, tone, and scope of stories we’ve already published.

If you would like to contribute, please send a query letter to Tell us about your work experience and what kinds of stories you’d be interested in. Include links or attach samples of your published work. Send us a resume, if you have one.

Finally, we do not accept unsolicited manuscripts and cannot be responsible for any unsolicited materials.