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The Mavens in the Food Trucks

From lunch to late night, food trucks and carts are right there at the curbs to please us. These food purveyors have to navigate a sea of regulations, permits, and codes before they even fire up their engines or grills. They must have more than just a passion for food to work long hours preparing their food, marketing their businesses, and finding temporary spots each day to set up shop (without encroaching on a brick and mortar restaurant’s space). They’re doing something right, because they keep the customers coming back.

The variety of cuisine and type of food is impressive: Greek, Middle Eastern, Thai, Mexican, American, (with many fusions), sandwiches, burritos, pulled pork, all things Cheez, plus coffee, ice cream, and sno-cones.

Limestone Post recently sent a photographer to both Food Truck Friday locations to capture the people behind the counters. The events run Fridays 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. in the parking lots of The Chocolate Moose and Smith’s Shoe Center, both on South Walnut. Most of the vendors hail from nearby, but a few make the trip from Indy.

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